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Paul B. Glisson, DO, MBA, FACEP

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Working in healthcare informatics is still a passion, but I mostly enjoy the aspects of healthcare administration that require the ability to translate the needs of the physician community to the administrators who make the decisions that will affect the lives of the physicians and the patients they care for. To meet these challenges, I currently serve as the Vice President of Medical Affairs at Baptist Health Care in Pensacola, Florida, and as the Board Chair of Strategic Health Intelligence, the Pensacola Health Information Exchange. Through these positions, I am able to engage in all six challenges facing healthcare today: safety, effectiveness, having a patient center, timeliness, efficiency, and equality.

Date                 Speaking Event Location          Topic
Nov 7, 2013 Strategic Health Intelligence Pensacola, FL  Moderator - Interoperability Sessions
 Feb 23, 2014  HIMSS Orlando, FL   Poster Presentation - Two Birds With One Stone: Medication Reconciliation and Patient Safety
Oct 24, 2014 Aware - PBS Special Report Pensacola,FL


Ebola and Enterovirus Preparations for Community Response.  One hour interview.

Feb 7, 2015

Population Health Management and Predictive Analytics 

Auburn University Ethical Issues of Analytics and Risk Assessment
Feb 11, 2015 iHT2 Health IT Summit Miami, FL Optimizing Clinical Care through Data Exchange and Interoperable Systems
June 26, 2015 AHCA Health IT Symposium Tallahassee, FL Keynote Speaker - Why Health IT?
July 30, 2015 UAB 35th National Symposium for Healthcare Executives Sandestin, FL Technology Innovation: Changing the Face of Healthcare Delivery
Jan 26, 2016 HIMSS HIT Advocacy Days Tallahassee, FL Why Health IT?
Jun 9, 2016 inStudio - WSRE Pensacola, FL Blue Zones Concept: Healthy Habits and Longevity

Aware - PBS Special Report


I completed filming a PBS special report on the Aware program with Dee Dee Sharp.  Our focus was on Ebola and Enterovirus Preparations.  Very interesting topic that focused on community education.  It was nice to take the time to filter through the information and make it easy to understand the implications for a community as a whole.  Special thanks to PBS for hosting this informative program.

Aware with Dee Dee Sharp

HIMSS Reference Library Addition


My  presentation at HIMSS 2014 has been added to the HIMSS reference library.  It can be seen and downloaded by clicking here.

Two Birds One Stone HIMSS Poster Presentation February 2014

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Facing problems head on

Medication Reconciliation (Med Rec) can be addressed?  Yes, it can be done.  Baptist Health Care became one of the only health systems in the country to submit Med Rec as a menu item for MU Stage 1.  The requirement is that 50% of all transitions have a completed electronic Med Rec.  Amazingly, Baptist completed the attestation with over 88% compliance, and after looking at the data, this has saved hundreds of medication errors every month.  Considering that 10% of medication errors are considered serious, finding these errors has saved lives!

Baptist has finished attestation for Meaningful Use Stage 1, with over 90% adoption by providers.  Wow!  That is really unheard of.   On top of that, Baptist chose to include Medication Reconcilliation as a menu item for attestation because our adoption for Med Rec was over 80%.  This puts Baptist in the elite group of hospitals that are approaching this with an "all in" mentality, and is putting patient safety first and foremost.  


I still work about four days a month clinically, practicing Emergency Medicine at the Baptist Hospital Trauma Center in Pensacola, Thomas Hospital in Fairhope,  and Jay Hospital. I completed Board Certification in Emergency Medicine in 2003 and joined Baldwin Emergency Physicians (BEP) in Fairhope, Alabama. After joining, I became the Medical Director of the Emergency Department at Thomas Hospital (2005) and completed an MBA degree from Auburn University (2008). Outside of my work with BEP, I had interest in quality improvement and information technology. I also put effort into staying involved with the lean and process improvement projects involving the entire system. This fostered my move in 2011 to Baptist Health Care, which has become fertile ground for new ideas, including ACO development, telemedicine, CPOE and meaningful use measures, population health management, and wellness programs. I am excited to be here, and look forward to confronting the challenges that we face in healthcare.

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